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Leverage our billing expertise to enhance performance

You may be losing thousands of dollars every month in denied claims, underpayments, missed deadlines and inaccurate coding. But who has the time and expertise to manage appeals and other billing issues? We do.

Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution combines smart technology with healthcare billing expertise to seamlessly manage your practice’s entire revenue process - from eligibility checking, to over 20 million claim edits achieving 98% clean claim rates, to appealing denied claims, to money in your bank account!

Ehrmedbilling helps your practice receive all the income you’ve earned, ensuring you’re paid promptly and fully. Best of all, our fees are aligned with your collections - so you get paid before we get paid.

as low as *4.25% of collected revenue

Experience Makes the Difference

Every RCM customer has a team working on their behalf which includes an Account Manager and billing staff.

Ehrmedbilling does more than simply process claims. Our Account Managers use their extensive financial knowledge to proactively help your practice increase reimbursements, speed up payment time and reduce denials and underpayments.

Here are just a few ways we can help:


  • Spot likely coding omissions, such as forgetting to bill for equipment use

  • Compare payments to contract allowables in order to spot underpayments

  • Work denials on your behalf, not just write them off or send them back for you to pursue

  • Educate your practice on regulatory changes that could affect your practice

  • Bring experience to help improve your financial performance

  • You’ll benefit from our expertise in Revenue Cycle Management, including CMS Medically Necessary Rules, prepayment audits, denial management and insurance recoupments, ICD-10 coding and transition from ICD-9, Meaningful Use and PQRS reporting, and our monitoring of insurance industry trends related to physician payments.

Results you can bank on:

                              Client: Dr. of Internal Medicine with a practice in Oakland County Michigan

"Ehrmedbilling increased my practice's revenue by optimizing the efficiency of our  EMR & improving both patient and insurance collections.  In addition they have helped me increase my revenue through integrating electronic patient assessments, including depression screening.  My practice is earning almost $20,000 per year, just in this service.  I pay them for my EMR, patient portal, mobile applications, patient call reminders, optimized patient collections, MIPS consulting, and much more out of my standard billing service fee.  I'm happy to talk to you about my experience."   





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