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Medicine is a service industry catering to patients who have a choice in where they go to receive their healthcare. The quality of care they receive includes both clinical outcomes as well as satisfaction with their overall experience of care, which is reflected in key satisfaction surveys, social sharing and word-of-mouth referrals. Practices seeking to improve their competitive advantage and bottom line need to keep in mind the role that communications plays in the patient experience - from patient-friendly billing and convenient payment options to scheduling reminders and correspondence.

Aprima offers a suite of tools designed to improve front- and back-office care coordination and communication.

Patient Portal

Aprima’s secure portal empowers patients with 24x7 self-service access to their medical records and physician office. Whether they wish to view their chart, make scheduling requests, complete questionnaires online and enter their own demographic information, it all comes together making their check-in process faster, easier and more accurate, and their overall experience better.

Aprima’s users have found big benefits from the Aprima Portal. This portal allows HIPAA-secure communications between provider and patient. Practices can post new patient forms online, so patients can submit information before arriving for that first visit. By eliminating the time-consuming data collection, providers are able to cut the time spent on initial visits and add more appointments in the time saved.

Patient Statements

Automate patient communications with a solution that provides fast, cost-effective billing and patient correspondence capabilities. Aprima’s patient-friendly statements significantly increase patient payments and help build positive relationships.

Patient Reminders

Aprima’s automated patient appointment reminders and confirmation services reduce no-shows, save time and resources, boost productivity and improve patient satisfaction.

“The patient portal has allowed us to build better relationships with patients. Dr. Kasparek can communicate directly with them instead of playing phone tag, and they appreciate it – our patient referrals have gone way up since we started using this system. We got 56 new patient referrals this month!”

- Kelly Kile, Office Manager, Complete Women’s Healthcare

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