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Huge numbers of healthcare providers report dissatisfaction with their current electronic health record (EHR) system and plan to change to a different system. Why? Other EHR systems are slow, cumbersome, difficult to use, slow to meet or worse, yet not keeping up with government regulations, often expensive, and in some cases have an unsure or limited lifespan. It’s no wonder EHR dissatisfaction is so high!

If you’re facing EHR frustrations, Aprima has the solution.
From being able to deliver the same or better quality of care, while seeing more patients (often in less time), Aprima providers have it all!

Rapid documentation: "Using Aprima, I can create a complete follow-up note on a complex patient in 5-10 seconds.” – Hank Lubin, MD, Hightstown Medical Associates

Versatile and nimble usability: “One of the advantages of Aprima is the versatility it offers. Aprima gives us the ability to change things on the fly while we work. With our previous EHR system, it was more difficult and time-consuming.” – Paul Schwartz, MD, Shasta Orthopedics Group

Information at your fingertips: “No matter what I’m looking for, Aprima makes it easy to find – a quick tap takes me wherever I need to go, without clicking through layers of menus or closing and opening a bunch of windows.” - Jeffrey Hyman, MD, University

Physicians Group (UPG) Treat & Release Center
Increased revenues: “With Aprima, we’ve been able to dramatically increase our revenues, plus more efficiently run our practice’s three offices.” – Jeffrey K. Burton, MD, All Children Pediatrics

Aprima EHR offers a uniquely powerful solution designed to complement and simplify your workflow. Our innovative technology adapts automatically to a physician’s needs and sets the benchmark for ease-of-use, speed and flexibility.

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