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No matter how modern or automated your practice is, most healthcare providers and hospitals are forced to operate in a kind of hybrid environment, relying on a mix of paper and digital records from the outside world. Aprima can help you bridge the gap.

Whether a patient walks in with their health information on a digital device, or a provider wants to send X-rays or images, or you need to link to a 3rd party system such as PACs, Aprima EHR enables you to easily assimilate documents into the database attaching them to patient charts.

Our image and document management tools streamline workflows, making it possible to quickly sort, search and summarize documents, radiology images and videos from anywhere on the integrated database. In addition to streamlining workflows, the solution enables you and your staff to:

-Save time
-Decrease paper and printing costs
-Spend more time with patients
-Eliminate handwritten and other manual errors
-Improve data management and sharing

“Having the imaging and document management right in the system is of great benefit to physicians. It’s so nice to have everything right there. Rather than looking at a stack of charts, they’re able to look at their desktops and know what tests are in, what patients need to be called and what work needs to be done. It’s improved their workflow tremendously.”

Christy Davies, Southern Idaho Pain Institute

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