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Medicine is a service industry catering to patients who have a choice in where they go to receive their healthcare. The quality of care they receive includes both clinical outcomes as well as satisfaction with their overall experience of care, which is reflected in key satisfaction surveys, social sharing and word-of-mouth referrals. Practices seeking to improve their competitive advantage and bottom line need to keep in mind the role that communications plays in the patient experience - from patient-friendly billing and convenient payment options to scheduling reminders and correspondence.

Aprima offers a suite of tools designed to improve front- and back-office care coordination and communication.

Benefits to Aprima Users

World Class Cloud-Faxing
Designed for Healthcare
Kno2 had eliminated al the traditional headaches with fax - port existing fax numbers, no long distance or toll free charges, no additional hardware, HIPAA-compliant robust far technology, as well as some of the competitive fax pricing available on the market!

Document Management Tools
Get document into Aprima faster than ever before! Whether fax, scan or import…multiple users can perform document QC, document breaking, page deletion, and patient/documentation type assignment, and quickly file into the patient’s chart!

Complete Aprima Integration
Streamline all document handling workflows with automated patient, visit, and order lookups, document type management and document download directly into the patient chart in Aprima, including linking results back tot he original order! This seamless integration enables the user to automatically send faxes through Kno2 without ever leaving Aprima!

All information managed by the Kno2 platform is secured using advanced technologies, encrypted at rest and in transport, and fully audited! For more information, please request the Kno2 Security Overview document from any Kno2 representative.

Network Invite
Want to stop using fax altogether? With Kno2, invite the folds you fax with the most to use more secure, electronic forms of exchange. Providers can sign up for Kno2’s FREE, entry-level plan and start exchanging documents electronically with you and any other providers they exchange with!

With Kno2 reporting, gain visibility to all the fax activity happening in your organization! Make informed decisions and transition to more electronic forms of exchange starting with your highest volume fax workflows!

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