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Medical practices need business intelligence to benchmark, set goals, and analyze and monitor practice performance so they can effectively adjust workflow to maximize productivity, resource utilization and profitability.

Aprima’s proven business analytics suite helps analyze cost and profitability, monitor contract under- and over-payments and investigate new revenue opportunities.

Affordable Care Act

Since the Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010, in many cases, patient deductibles have risen as much as 67%.

As more people move to high-deductible plans, Aprima is here to help you collect your payments. With our eligibility tool, you’ll know what amount your patients should pay upfront.

If patients can’t pay upfront, Aprima has the ability to allow patients to pre-authorize payments and to automatically send out statements to your patients. Aprima can also automatically handle payment plans and patient payments once all insurance has paid. Additionally, we can electronically process payments

Aprima helps you improve the revenue cycle process by:

-Collecting co-pays and deductibles more efficiently and effectively
-Maintaining your patients’ credit card information on file
-Verifying eligibility
-Avoiding claims denials

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