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  • You want an enterprise EHR/Practice Management solution, but you aren't satisfied with the support you are currently receiving from your vendor.   

  • You would like  a company large enough that has supported hundreds of providers, but small enough that your business is significant to them.

  • You would like to have consultants on staff to support your practices ability to keep up with changing regulations and insurance payer dynamics, but you feel you can't afford to stretch your budget any further. 

  • You know there is additional revenue your practice could be earning, but you just aren't sure your practice has the knowledge to participate in depression screening assessments, chronic care case management or Patient Centered Medical Homes.

  • Find out how you can obtain all of these services for as low as *4.25% of collected revenue - including all of your medical billing & Aprima EMR software!  

Why Ehrmedbilling?

                              Client: Dr. of Internal Medicine with a practice in Oakland County Michigan

"Ehrmedbilling increased my practice's revenue by optimizing the efficiency of our  EMR & improving both patient and insurance collections.  In addition they have helped me increase my revenue through integrating electronic patient assessments, including depression screening.  My practice is earning almost $20,000 per year, just in this service.  I pay them for my EMR, patient portal, mobile applications, patient call reminders, optimized patient collections, MIPS consulting, and much more out of my standard billing service fee.  I'm happy to talk to you about my experience."   





as low as *4.25% of collected revenue

The AMA, CMS, AAFP & most of the insurance payer community agree that your adult patients should be screened for Depression, Anxiety & Stress

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What We Do

Medical practices need business intelligence to benchmark, set goals, and analyze and monitor practice performance so they can effectively adjust workflow to maximize productivity, resource utilization and profitability. Let us provide your practice with a revenue assessment on both insurance and patient collections.


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